Thursday, 31 March 2011

I did the Literacy test

I finished fifteen minutes early.

You know those last pages where you can write anything (and they won`t mark it at all)?

:D! I wrote a three-paged letter directing my hate and anger about the literacy test to whomever will mark mine!

Clever, eh? Though, I think everyone wrote stupid things in those blank spaces... After all, we all had extra time in the end, and absolutely no one takes the literacy test seriously.

I didn't even read one whole passage, and I'm still pretty sure I got the multiple choice in that section right. That's how easy this thing is!

So my question is again - WHY do we even have to right this? No one is going to fail, except if they actually TRIED to fail. Plus, it singles out ESL kids, because obviously they're going to fail.

tl;dr - literacy test sucks, there is no purpose to it, government du Canada should not make it mandatory and just completely eradicate the whole thing!


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Ontario Literacy Test - Stupid in its Core

Tomorrow, it's the Ontario-wide Literacy Test in my school. Everyone has a day off - except for MY grade. MY grade that HAS to write the literacy test.

oAo... -sad-

Why? Is there even a reason? And by that I mean a 'logical reason'?

Obviously, the purpose of the literacy test is to test a high school student's comprehension in English and literature. But if you think about it, aren't all of the previous grades (from grades 1-9) essentially just a HUGE LITERACY TEST? Every single subject (except if you're in French immersion) has a requirement of you understanding decent English - a lot more English than what the literacy test even test students on.

So my question is - why? WHY have a literacy test which fails in its adequacy of its original purpose?

-it sucks
-grades 1-9 need students to already have a fundamental understanding of the English language
-the literacy test is easier than half the stuff we did since grades 1-9; therefore it's inadequate of its original purpose
-it's a waste of paper (you're printing these things, which is bad for the environment)
-it's a waste of a whole day (because every other grade has a day off, so it basically subtracts one day from our yearly school schedule)
-it's boring for us students

And trust me, it's actually really easy. I know some people who haven't answered a whole page - they still passed. (though it depends on which page you haven't done. If you skipped a one-page question that makes you write a whole essay, you're probably going to fail if you skip that page. However, if that one question only contains multiple choice, it really doesn't matter.)

Crepes - Delicieux!

(°A°)!!! マンチマンチマンチ!!!

なぜ、クレープはおいしい?? クレープは欲しいいい~~


(>。<)ノ クレープ頂戴いい! !!!!

誰もがクレープを持っていますか?  クレープをください~

じゃ~ さようなライオン~ ポポポポン~~~

A rant about "Life is what you make it"

"Life is what you make it". This is a popular saying; though does this quote have any validity in reality? Truth be told, this quote can only be adequate in some ways. Some people argue differently, but they forget an underlying truth.

It's due to the fact that life is just not fair.

Let's say there were two men who had equal lives in every way. Both had an accident with made both blind in the same exact workplace - one succeeded in life, being rich and famous, and the other is a pauper now begging on the streets. Since this deals with two people who had experienced the exact same tragedies, yet had very different outcomes in life, one can naturally assume that "life is what you make it".

The fallacy of this example is that it does not mention how people are born into a predetermined life of inequality, or have their life affected by random coincidences in which no one could stop or prevent. What this means is that people themselves cannot choose at will where or when they are born. They also cannot prevent unforeseen coincidences that will happen to them.

Though this quote may hold some water in a perfect world, the reality of our world is that we cannot use this simple quite and take it as the truth.
Many people do not choose to be in born in a war-torn country in poverty-ridden environments.
Many people do not choose to be a certain skin color.
Many people do not choose to let one of their loved ones die in a random car accident that no one could foresee.

Because of us not living in a perfect world, we cannot just take this simple moral and somehow magically deem it as if it were true in an absolute sense. There may be exceptions in which two equal people are in the same scenario, and the one succeeds while the other one doesn't. However, that in itself is also a random coincidence. Our world has many random factors that we can't ever even HOPE to prevent in the near-future.

To conclude, the quote, "life is what you make it", sucks ass and cannot be applied in the real world. Life has more outside variables that you simply cannot control; though that does not mean you cannot control some of it. Because the majority of life is affected by pure chance, the righteous conclusion is that life isn't what you make it.

A Rant about Capitalism - From a Korean Friend

**Not me. But it's from a friend.

Imagine the world where everyone is equal, no one can stand above someone, and no one stands below someone. There are no such concepts as being "superior" or "inferior" to another. Unfortunately capitalism, the de facto economic system in which we have all accepted, does not guarantee the equality of people. By the end of this blog post, you will know more about capitalism and be able to judge it from an objective standpoint.

I’ve been interested in this topic since I was young. It is probably because I was raised in South Korea, the only country that was divided into two, and where communism and capitalism are against each other. I heard a lot of one sided opinions throughout my life. It is probably because i was usually with my grandfather, who experienced the Korean War. One day, however, I questioned myself,

"Are those things that they are telling me all true? Is communism actually bad? is capitalism always good? Capitalism always beats communism? You are automatically communist if you do not like Capitalism?"

 I started to do some research myself, and found out how much information is manipulated mostly by the capitalist side. I am sure my grandfather probably does not want to know the truth, but i am sure it is worth to know what capitalism actually is. I can say it is also closely related to everyone’s life since this is the system that we are adapted in nearly all four corners of the earth.

It has been quite long since the capitalist system was introduced by Adam Smith in the late 1700s. Since then, it has been selected by many people in many different countries for many different reasons. In England for instance, the rich chose this system to maintain their wealthiness. However in France, the citizens chose capitalism after the France Revolution to set a democratic government and capitalism was the only choice for them at that time.

Although Capitalism has brought us a higher standard of living for sure, it is also true that it has resulted in many social problems such as exploitation, the increasing segregation of social classes, and poverty. I am sure that people would think that some sacrifice is needed to maintain the system. However we should not waver off the fundamental right which we all have - that all humans are equal. It is not fair to force others to sacrifice themselves for us. Although they might have failed in their choices in life, which caused them to be proletariats, many were and are still being born into poverty-ridden environments which heavily and negatively influences their life.

To replace capitalism, three men, Engels, Lenin and Marx, developed a new political system which we now call communism. This new idea was based on the belief that all humans are equal, and the same. They thought that capitalism will eventually break itself down (and indeed, capitalism will eventually collapse in on itself). They predicted as time flows, the social gap will get larger and eventually the poor will cause revolutions between classes. Even if somehow these revolutions were to never occur, the seemingly stable system of the capitalist ideology is but an illusion - a figment of our imaginations. They thought that their new idea will change the world.

It did.

The idea became popular in a very short period of time, and as they predicted, class revolutions began and the Soviet Union was formed. Even though the Soviet Union was not truly a pure communist state, it was categorized as the first communism country in the human history. However, the Soviet Union had only lasted for 70 years, and collapsed with showing us communism’s structural problem.

There have been many attempts in the history to find a better system than Capitalism. Even though none have truly succeeded yet, I still believe that capitalism is not the best for us. We need to try to find a better system, or at least improve the one we have now.