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The Influence of Roman Art

Just something I wrote because I'm a history fanatic...

The Influence of Roman Art

The Romans left a legacy and a colossal footprint in the history of humans. The times back then were prosperous, and are now considered the golden age of western civilization. However, as Alaric sacked Rome in 410 AD, it was the beginning of the end of the Roman Empire. The Dark Ages began, and people grew barbaric once more. It seemed as if all art, all intellectual creativity, had suddenly disappeared. Some notable figures such as Charlemagne have tried to break this barrier, yet all of them failed. It wasn’t until the Renaissance when the Dark Ages had finally come to an end, and creativity prospered. The Renaissance looked backed at the marvel of Ancient Rome, and its art. Many Renaissance artists and scholars dwelled upon the ancient works of the Romans for answers and creativity. In addition, after the Renaissance came the Age of Enlightenment (17th and 18th centuries) and it was here where neoclassicism was born. Neoclassicism is the movement to bring Classical Roman and Greek art back into popularity.

You might think this is a Roman building. However, as the American flag suggests, this was built in the mid 1800s, more than half a millenium after the Romans. This is actually the picture of the Treasury Building in Washington DC. It is a good example of just how many cultures were inspired by the Ancient Romans.

Edit: I should have included a tidbit on how the Romans actually stole from the Greeks in terms of the architecture style, art, and culture. This written piece was for a report in my high school Latin class, however.

Royal Ontario Museum! - Part 2 (Renaissance Art)

A month ago, I posted some photos about my ROM trip - today I`ll start with part 2! This time, I`ll show you guys Europe! That is, medieval and renaissance Europe :D

EDIT: I accidentally deleted all my pictures. I'm really sorry! I don't know how to get them back.
Map of Europe.

The Renaissance began in Italy and gradually spread to the rest of Europe, reaching northern Europe in the early 1500s. In many regions, the transition from the Medieval Gothic style to the Renaissance took a long time. Renaissance means 'rebirth'. Writers, architects, and artists of the time believed that their work represented a renewal of the ideals and values that underlay the greatness of ancient Roman civilization. Out of admiration, they took the achievements of classical antiquity as models; but they also aimed to surpass them.

Renaissance artists painted figures as the eyes saw them. They also used perspective. Here, individuals are depicted with character; a central vanishing point draws the viewer to the classical building in the background.

 Longleat house

This circular relief sculpture, or tondo, shows the influence of classical ideals in the rendering of the figures and faces, and in the wreath of leaves and fruit. A large tondo such as this one would have probably hung inside a church. The border is a typical feature of similar reliefs by Andrea della Robbia. His workshop produced many variations of the Virgin and Child theme, which was popular also in Italian paintings of the period. The della Robbia workshop pioneered the adaption of tin-glazing to the decoration of terracotta sculpture.
Terracotta - made out of clay.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Edit: I have deleted the picture of a graphic poster on this post. I accidentally deleted the picture along with a lot of other pictures that were saved on Google picasa, that apparently now stores Blogspot pictures. This graphic poster had the following text: "Keep Calm and Save Computer Science".

My local high school (which is probably the most academic school in my region) might be cancelling COMPUTER SCIENCE!!!

''Grade 11 Computer Science at WCI has been made inaccessible to most of the students who registered. Because of this the Grade 11 and 12 Computer Science program at WCI is in danger of being canceled.

The purpose of this page is to bring this issue to WCI students, their parents, and the administration of WCI. ICS3UI, Grade 11 Computer Science, has been put in the same block as Pre-AP Math. This means that around two thirds to three quarters of the students will probably have to drop the course, and the course will likely be canceled as a result. Students have talked to the administration, and they have acknowledged that there is no practical impediment to changing the time of the course. However, they refuse to do so. Mr. Damian is fine with moving the course, so this is not inconveniencing staff. The course is likely to be cancelled if it is not moved, so it would not hurt students either. There is no reason why the course block should be changed. This group was made to try to give the students who registered in the course (around 30) the opportunity to study Computer Science at WCI.''